Are you finding difficulties to get pregnant?
At Pregnancy London we can help you achieve this in a natural way. Are you having an IVF or an IUI treatment and want to increase by 30% your chances of success? You are not that far down the line yet and are willing to try it first 100% naturally? Read more…



Nauseas, threatening miscarriages, insomnia, oedema, lower back pain… Pregnancy can be really hard sometimes. Let us help you reduce or even eliminate your discomfort and to smooth your path to parenthood. Read more…


The postanal period is a crucial time in building a healthy and strong relationship between a mother and her baby. Therefore they would highly benefit from professional support to make the most out their new situation. Let us help you with our midwifery consulting and home visits and natural therapies service. Read more…

Our Services

Acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy and midwifery counseling. All these therapies can relieve you in a natural way from pain, nausea, insomnia and other pregnancy symptoms. In your first consultation, we will decide together which one of our therapies is more appropriate to alleviate your symptoms.

Let’s start fully enjoying your awesome trip to motherhood!

Midwifery counseling



Thai Foot reflexology



Conditions treated

Physical pains

Back / Lumbar / Sciatica / Neck / Shoulder / Knee / Carpal Tunnel / Tennis Elbow / Muscle Aches / Sprains / Strains / Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Fibromyalgia

Emotional - Psychological

Stress / Anxiety / Depression Stop Smoking & Detox

Sexual imbalances

Infertility / Menopause / PMS / Menstrual Problems UTI / Endometriosis / PCOS / Fibroids

Digestion imbalances

Bloating / Heartburn / Acid Reflux Nausea / Constipation / IBS / Weight Loss


Common Cold and Flu / Allergies / Sinus Problems / Headache Migraine / Tinnitus / TMJ / Bell’s Palsy / Facial Pain / Vision Problems


Fatigue / Insomnia Hypertension / Restlessness

Our experienced team:

More than 15 years of midwifery experience taking care of hundreds of women around the globe. Irene just landed from Bangladesh where she has been helping for almost 2 years to set up the midwifery career in order to reduce the maternal mortality rate.

Irene Garzón


Jose has been training and practising all around the globe (Canada, Indonesia, India, Thailand, UK, Spain, …) different therapies specializing and focusing his knowledge in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal ailments.

Jose M. Vazquez

Acupuncturist and Naturopath

We offer consultations and treatments at home or at:

Pregnancy London
94 Lower Luton Road
Harpenden – St Albans

Phone: 07729074371

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